Saturday, May 02, 2009

Trader Joe's Masala Simmer Sauce

I really like a lot of the foods from Trader Joe's market

Their Masala Simmer Sauce is not one of them.

I don't know what Masala sauce should taste like, but this tastes essentially like bland, watered-down ketchup with a few chunks of tomato. I followed the package directions, simmering some diced chicken, and serving it over brown rice. It wasn't inedible, but it certainly isn't something I'd get again.


  1. Seconded. Their Korma sauce is not bad, the Masala... just nothing there.

  2. Anonymous11:36 PM

    With TJ's Masala Simmer Sauce, I've found that it is best to skip adding the water as the the directions on the jar say to do. I use it full strength and find it to be quite flavorful. I also add several veggies and chicken to the mix, and it is delicious! Bell peppers and onion add a little oomph to it, too!