Monday, November 05, 2007

Classic Politics

I can get along with most views described as 'classically conservative'. Fred Thompson isn't perfect, but I think he'd make a better president than we've had for quite a long time--This from someone who's never voted republican for president.

'Classically liberal' is often used to describe libertarianism, which matches my views closer than any other one-sentence description.

Somehow "classically liberal" and "classically conservative" are closer to each other than they are to "liberal" or "conservative".

What happened to modern politics?

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  1. I wanted to drop you a line and thank you for your response on my post over at Naturally Nerds. I agree to a huge extent with AD regarding peopkle clamoring for attention and drugs using the new catchword of the day, honest. I think my reaction came from being tired of the same folks causing those like me who just have to do a little finagling to make life managable THAT much harder. Thanks for the kind words (and a new site to wander. you have some nifty items stuck on these pages... looks like I have some reading to do.)