Monday, March 03, 2008

Zenni Optical review

Based on a post by Hell in a Handbasket, I did a bit of research, and decided to give Zenni Optical a try. They advertise prescription glasses starting at $8, plus a flat $5 shipping per order. I ordered 4 pairs of glasses from them on Feb 17, and received them this afternoon.

Ordering is fairly simple, although it is a bit cumbersome to pick from the various frame sizes. No hassles about prescription--If you've got the data, you can order, even from an expired prescription. There are some decent looking frames even in the $8 section, and I didn't see anything over $40. Their price includes lenses, a (cheap) hard case, and a cloth. Tint is $5 (with lots of choice of color and amount), Anti-reflective coating is $5, and a (cheap) clip on sunshade shaped to fit is $4

I don't think the sunshade is worth the cost, although I haven't tried it in sun yet--I don't think it is worse than similar shades, but it seems like there are lits of extra reflections. The glasses are fine, although I've got somewhat lopsided ears and had to adjust them a bit to sit straight on my face.

I am a little disappointed in the most expensive pair I bought--I paid almost $50 for a pair of photochromatic sunglasses (almost clear in low light, dark in sunlight) and I picked a frame that is a bit small for my face. This is the biggest drawback in ordering from Zenni, it is hard to know what glasses fit. Width is listed, and I should have paid closer attention.

I also got a pair of sunglasses with memory temples and bridge, semi-rimmed (the string type) for $15--Wore those while driving to work, and the prescription seems fine, as are the $13 hingeless stainless steel semi-rim. Finally, I bought a $10 semi-rimmed that I'm wearing now. Also fine.

I will probably order from them again, but if I get something beyond the basic lens, I'll be more careful about width, and probably stick to a frame style I already have.


  1. i ordered 4 pair of glasses at 99 dollars a pair..after 6 month the frame and glass broke in my had.i called customer service..they said they could do nothing..that the guarantee is only 30 days..what i was most upset about was the rudeness and curtness of the customer service rep...furthermore the frames are flimsy and should not last only 6 months..i will not buy from them again

  2. Anonymous3:20 AM

    I’ve had a total of 28 pairs come from zenni, this is from my immediate family and a sister-in-law. We’ve had no problems, except one pair of memory titanium that broke, i ordered a replacement frame for 1/2 price the cost(7 or 8 bucks) they provided the screwdriver to change the lenses. I’m nothing but happy. No more glasses from the eye doctor.