Monday, June 02, 2008

I keep seeing people saying things like "you shouldn't have to go broke to pay for your prescriptions". I've seen a new round of this with insurance companies creating a new tier of drugs that cost more out of pocket. Evil, Greedy insurance companies....

Probably. But the other option to them is to raise prices for everyone, including people not on these drugs.

Imagine this scenario: Someone invents an immunization against cancer--It not only keeps you from getting cancer, it is 90% effective in halting the spread of existing cancer. The manufacturing costs of this drug are $2,000,000 for a year's supply (if you don't get immunized annually, you lose protection) and the inventor has released the formula to the public domain. Should this drug be covered under insurance? What would have to happen to insurance rates if this were covered? What if the cost were "only" $46,000 per year?

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