Monday, November 09, 2009

Trader Joe's Beer Bread

Trader Joe's beer bread mix. Surprisingly good, even made with cheap malt liquor. Dense, good crust, not quite as stretchy or chewy as I'd like. A little too sweet to use as a sandwich bread, but really good with butter. 45 minutes to bake, about 5 minutes prep time--Add beer to mix in a mixing bowl, stir until mixed but not too much, dump in a greased loaf pan, dump melted butter over the top, bake. Directions claim anything carbonated will work, I don't think I would use sweet pop, but plain seltzer might be good.


  1. Anonymous9:23 PM

    My wife cooked this tonight. We used Heineken for the beer. It tasted great but very beer-y. Next time probably use Bud. I was worried about feeding it to my kids due to the alcohol but I read online that it burned off during the cooking. Overall pretty good.

  2. I've switched to a simple recipe The type of beer makes a bigger difference than I would think, but it isn't necessarily that better beer makes better bread. I liked the flavor better when I used cheap malt liquor than when I used Bud.