Saturday, January 09, 2010

Duct tape can fix almost anything

Icemakers are relatively simple---the tray fills with water with a solenoid valve, and a thermostat controls when the harvest cycle starts.  Mine was doing something wrong, and leaving me with a solid mass of ice on the bottom of the bucket.  It turned out that the cycle was starting before the ice was completely frozen, and the half-frozen cubes would leak and then refreeze.

I removed the icemaker--three screws and an electrical plug.  The thermostat was clipped to the side.  I made sure it was clipped in tightly, and I added about 4 layers of duct tape to the outside of the thermostat, so it was affected more by the ice tray than the freezer air. 

So far so good, there hasn't been a big lump in the bottom of the tray since.  

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