Monday, August 30, 2010

Straws and camels

“How do you defeat a karate master? Offer him as many small coins as you can shove into a hat before he says “stop”. Of course, to get the money, he must catch the hat – with his head, as you drop it from the fifth floor.”
...To a libertarian, every new statist restriction is similar to a coin from this joke"

RTWT.    This is a concept I've been trying to articulate, he does a better job than I've been able to manage.     Each law passed adds a coin.  The "coin" may have varying monetary values--this is the beneficial part.  But each law/coin also has a weight--the restrictions it puts on us, the extra power given to government officials--in some cases making it impractically difficult to follow the whole law.  No matter how small or trivial each individual weight is, enough will crush us.  

Some laws are well worth the weight--the value of laws against murder, assault, theft and fraud are far greater than the restrictions they add.   

Some are not--what good purpose is served by licensing criteria for hairdressers beyond basic sanitation?  (or even licensing them at all?)  Does it make sense that thrift stores and garage sales can be held responsible for product recalls? 

(H/T to Oleg Volk)

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