Sunday, September 12, 2010

Convervative vs libertarian

There is a quiz over at the Center for American Progress, "How Progressive Are You?", with fairly typical questions designed to measure where you fall on the left-right political spectrum.  Like most of these quizzes, it totally ignores the libertarian-statist axis.

I scored a 155, counting as conservative--but I am fairly sure that in quite a few cases either my logic as to why, or my idea of a proper solution was different from either their preferred solution, or from what they perceived as conservative. .

Government regulations are necessary to keep businesses in check and protect workers and consumers
Yes, I am not an anarchist.  However, we currently have vastly more of these regulations than necessary or helpful.
America's security is best promoted by working through diplomacy, alliances, and international institutions.
Usually.  But it helps to have a big stick, and to negotiate from a position of strength.
Americans should adopt a more sustainable lifestyle by conserving energy and consuming fewer goods
Sure--but we should not be forced or taxed into this.
Religious faith should focus more on promoting tolerance, social justice and peace in society, and less on opposing abortion or gay rights
"Religion should" is not a relevant political question. I am not likely to go to an anti-gay church, but as long as they just talk, and don't go physically hunting down gays, so what?
Human life begins at conception and shold be protected from that point forward
Sort of--Human life should not be begun unless it will be protected from that point forward.
America's economic future requires a transformation away from oil, gas and coal to renewable energy sources such as wind and solar. 
More than likely eventually this will be yes.  Again, the question is whether we get their through natural market forces, or if we get there through coercion.
Changes in the traditional american family have harmed our society
In some ways yes, others no.  But this is mostly irrelevant to government.
Social Security should be reformed to allow workers to invest some of their contributions in individual accounts. 
This assumes that Social Security should be kept.  Individual accounts is better than a pool of money for the government to "borrow', but it is still forced savings.
Rich people like to believe they have made it on their own, but society has contributed greatly to their wealth
This appears to be justification for taking money from the rich, rather than an actual political question.
Government policies too often serve the interests of corporations and the wealthy
Yes--Not because the policies are designed to do that, but because corporations and the wealthy can hie people to navigate the complexity and maximize benefit.
African Americans and other minority groups still lack the same opportunities as whites in our country
Yes to an extent--but most of this isn't due to current racism, but rather to lingering effects of past generations of racism, and the awful results of a welfare system that actively discourages self-sufficiency.


  1. Man, I was going to post on this, but you pretty much said it.

  2. on that last one, if it's due to "past generations of racism", that's still racim.

    White people virtually never think there's any racism. In fact, they usually don't see any at all.

    Mo Rage
    the blog

  3. By lingering affects, I mean that if your grandfather was poor, you will likely be poor as well, regardless of whether you are a minority.

    Is it racism for a hiring manager to insist on a certain level of education when it is relevant to the job, if past racism means there are fewer blacks able to afford that education?