Friday, April 29, 2011

more motorcycle stuff.

I picked up my Honda CX 500 today and drove it 15 miles or so, where I dropped it off to get a new tire.  At first Wife was ahead of me in the truck.  I like to give plenty of distance between me and the next car under the best of circumstances, and even more on a windy day on a motorcycle.  For some reason, Wife wasn't going above about 40-45.  I'm thinking "Go....GO!!!" but I'm not comfortable passing.  Finally she pulled over, and rolled down the window to ask if I was OK.  I was puzzled, she said "Because you're going so slow!   You kept getting way behind, so I'd slow down to let you catch up"  We decided it would be better if she followed me instead.

I also got the front brake on the Yamaha working, and after changing plugs, got it to start and kind of run with gasoline instead of starter fluid.  It wouldn't idle, but I could keep it running with throttle, and it ran enough that I'm more confident that it isn't going to need major work to get going.  "Not major" is a matter of perspective--it needs all four carburetors cleaned, rebuilt and synchronized, and probably needs the valves adjusted which involves replacing shims plus lots of little things.  It isn't likely to need a complete engine rebuild, however.

The Honda is just a touch small for me.  I think I can make some adjustments to make it fit better--adjust the handlebars forward, and do something with the shifter position.  Sitting on the Yamaha feels nicer.

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