Friday, August 17, 2007

I reload for .40, and will probably eventually reload for 9mm unless I switch my IPSC gun to another caliber. I save my brass, plus whatever other reloadable brass I find at the range. This means I've got a big plastic kitty litter bucket about half full of brass. Probably about 2 gallons or so.

I made a little sifter with wood slats to separate the 9mm and smaller from the .40 and bigger. I spent a few hours perfecting it and sorting. The result was several boxes of brass in the garage--One of mostly 9mm, one of mostly .40, one of unsorted, and one of odds and ends, mostly revolver brass with a few rifle cartridges.

My wife decided to straighten up the garage. The first thing she did was clean up all these different little boxes of brass I had laying around everywhere. She didn't realize they were separate, so she just dumped them all back into the bucket...

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  1. Bwahahha

    Trust me, I'm laughing with you, not at you.