Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Rude cheaters

This post from ERnursey reminded me of a guy in my bay when I was in Air Force tech school. He lived in the room farthest from the payphone, and he smelled funny. I lived closest to the phone. His girlfriend would call at 11 at night, when we had to be up at 4am. She'd let the phone ring continuously for 5 or 10 minutes until someone would answer and get him.

Needless to say, those of us with rooms near the phone would get irritated with this. I finally answered the phone and angrily shouted politely explained that we had to be up at 4am, goddammit please don't call so late anymore.

The phone rang again a few minutes later.

"Hi! Can you get smelly guy for me?"
"I just told you, don't call this late!"
"That wasn't me, I didn't just call"
"Well, I just told some girl to quit calling this late!"
"Damn him! (click)"


The first call for him the next night:

"How many times a night do I have to tell you to quit calling this late?"
"Wasn't me..."
"some girl..."
"Damn him (click)"

(We never did figure out how someone who smelled like him had any success with women)

1 comment:

  1. One of those situations where I just would have had fun with it.

    1) Hey, Smelly Guy! Put yer pants on, yo gotta call!

    2) Silly Smelly *lisp optional*, you can't talk on the phone with THAT in your mouth!

    3) Sorry Smelly's girl, we went out to the local nudie bar, met some 'ladies', and, uh...he's busy for about the next...ten minutes. Can you call back?

    4) Sorry Smelly's girl, he's at the clinic getting shots for his VD.