Thursday, September 06, 2007

In-house spam

We get an incredible amount of useless email here. This may be common to all large employers these days, I left my last job when their email system was new.

Not much pure spam from outside sources, some crap that trainers I've been sent to mostly.

A little internal spam, from both us and our customer--Charity raffles, health tips, events. I used to get deluged with events hundreds of miles away, thankfully that stopped.

We get "Make sure you do this task" emails, or "Someone is late doing this".

Most of the "do this" are sent to lots of people who don't actually have to do it, but have to open the mail and decide if they are a "customer facing buzzword compliant performing supplier" who needs class AZTB123AC, or a "Back Office non-exempt servicing auditor" who needs class AZTB123BC... Occasionally these will be sent only to the people who need them--However, if that happens, a manager is sure to forward the message to everyone in the account, so you have to search to see if your name was in the original message. Sometimes you need to open a spreadsheet to see if it's you they are complaining about.

Computer patches. Jebus, the computer patches. First a pre-mail, telling us how to verify that the patch was automatically installed, and the website to go update when the patch is installed, but telling us the patches won't start for a few days. Then the same basic email, telling us the patches are being installed now. Then the same thing, saying they are finished, then finally the same thing, but warning us that we'll be cut off the network if we don't check the box on the website that says the patches are done.
Plus managers forwarding the obligatory "make sure this is taken care of" identical copies.
By the time you are done getting mail about this month's patches, you are only days from getting the next month's set.

Misdirected crap. My employer has at least 8 other people with my first and last name. Outlook will accept a first and last name rather than an email address. If the name isn't in your personal address book, Outlook apparently just picks one rather than letting the sender know there are 7 more possible matches. I notified one lady not only was I the wrong one, I figured out who the right one was. Her response was "I'll probably do it again, yours is the one that comes up".
If it doesn't matter that he gets this important message, why bother sending it?

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