Wednesday, September 26, 2007

More work whining

I've been asked to get the serial numbers of our spare Cisco gear, to make sure it is still under service contract. On the back and bottom of the switch I'm looking at are a whole bunch of stickers with what could be serial numbers. None of these numbers are identified in English. One of them is identified in what appears to be Chinese. After eliminating the numbers that are obviously not a serial, I'm left with about 5.

I go to Cisco's web page and search for Serial Number Location. I get text directions--Instead of saying "click here", it tells me to go back to the home page, click this, then choose that. I do.

In order to see which of these numbers is the serial number, I have to log in. I find a diagram that doesn't match the specific model number of switch that I specifically searched for. I also find the one useful clue--the serial number is 4 letters, 4 numbers, then 3 letters. After counting numbers and letters, I'm finally able to eliminate all but one label.

Why couldn't they just print SN: on the label? There's plenty of room.

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