Saturday, October 27, 2007

Dimmable compact flourescents

I like CF lights, but in some applications I like dimmers, too. For several years I've been looking for dimmable compact flourescents with no luck. I finally found some a few weeks ago.

I'm not impressed. My main reason for a dimmer is to get barely enough light to see, without completely waking me up. These lights fail. They really don't have much range of brightness. They can go to about half-bright, but lower than that and they blink and flicker, or go out entirely.

I've made accomodations for that in the upstairs bathroom--A single overhead light on a dimmer, and a vanity light on a switch.


  1. Not going to tell us what you bought?

    We run X10 in several rooms at home, and I'd love to have CFLs in the bedroom, but we wanted to be able to dim the lamps, and you can't do that with regular CFLs. I don't mind not having much range, as I probably wouldn't cut them below half anyway.

  2. I don't remember exactly what they were, but they were at Walmart, and they said "Dimmable" in large bold lettering on the package. I wasn't specifically looking for them at the time, they basically called themselves to my attention.

    If they were in almost any other fixture I'd go look for you, but the one they are in is a pain to get to.