Monday, September 22, 2008

The view from MY porch

95% finished with my new deck--Need to add a bit of bracing to the posts, and balusters for the stairs, but it is usable now.

I was thinking that I wish I'd just done the stairs and skipped the deck. On further reflection, the deck itself wasn't much problem, almost all of my trouble was stairs. Next time I'll do open stringers if there's any budget constraints--The brackets I used are easy and sturdy, but expensive--The screws alone for just the brackets were $100.

I found some 12 volt track lights I'd bought on clearance years ago. This lets me mount the transformer inside the existing porch well out of the rain--The only thing outside is the 12 volt lights, same voltage as garden lights.

Just the track lights, no flash.

And the temporary screen door--This will eventually get replaced with a real door, when I get the time and cash to enclose that porch. It is the floor to the old porch that's crooked, not the door--the floor is actually a slightly pitched metal roof.

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