Monday, June 29, 2009

Yesterday I ate dinner on the deck.

The anti-bug Tiki torches were empty, neither one would light. I refilled and lit them, then went to bring my dinner from the kitchen.

I was carrying a plate of ribs, a bowl of hot beans, and a cup of hot barbecue sauce to dip the beans in. As I stepped down on the deck, something hot sloshed on my wrist, and I dropped the bowl and cup. In hurrying to get cold water on my wrist, I tossed the plate with the ribs. (My wrist is OK)

When I came back to the deck to clean up my mess, one of the tiki torches was entirely engulfed in flames, and the plastic part of the torch that holds the fuel had melted. I tried to smother this by putting a can over it, I finally had to get a wet towel. Apparently I hadn't dried the fuel off the bottle well enough and the outside caught.

And then I slipped where the beans spilled.


  1. What a bad day! All that wonderful food wasted!

    At least your house didn't burn down, and your wrist is okay.

    Are you going to eat out on the deck more often now, or less?


  2. The bowl of beans landed right side up, so I kept most of them, and I had PLENTY of ribs--When I do a batch, I pretty much fill the smoker to capacity.

    I may look for a better way to carry my dinner out there, but I'm not giving up eating on the deck--we eat out there more often than not when the weather is good.

  3. Eating outdoors is traditional here in Italy. We do it as much as possible.

    I'm glad you didn't get hurt with all those mishaps.

  4. yourmom7:58 PM

    You poor thing. I did laugh involuntarily but felt bad about it.

  5. My wife still wants to get a set of real Tiki Torches to complement our Hawaiian decor. They're kinda spendy but would look kewl on the balcony...