Sunday, July 26, 2009

Tourists and gunfire

I'm still going back and forth to middle-of-nowhere Pennsylvania for work. The travel is already old, but the money is good. Stopped at a rest stop on I-80, and heard gunfire--Spaced out with a second or two between shots, rather than gunfight or Hollywood rate of fire. I thought "must be a gun range behind those woods...wonder how often it freaks out the tourists" A couple minutes later, I overheard an older looking guy on his cellphone calling 911 to tell them about the gunfire. A worker at the rest stop was walking by and told him there is a range behind the woods. There were only a couple of vehicles in the parking lot, and I'm pretty sure his was the one with New Jersey plates...


  1. That's funny, "New Jersey plates."

  2. Anonymous6:28 AM

    My town has the distinct pleasure of having a 1000-yard range within it, and fully 10% of the neighborhoods here are all within hearing range of it... I can only imagine how it is for someone moving here from one of the less-rights-friendly states as they try and house-hunt, and then hear that going on in the background.

    I am willing to wager some realtors have had to do similar things as that rest stop employee...