Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Did not want to use it that fast

My home county is as inconvenient as the law allows for issuing CCW licenses--Although they issue only 700 licences a year, they require appointments and are booked for the next week, with times during work hours. They are also known for taking the maximum allowed time to issue. We are allowed to go to adjacent counties, after a bit of research I went to Champaign.

Champaign county is fantastic--No appointments needed, and I left with my renewed license rather than having to make a second trip.

On the way home, less than 5 minutes from leaving the sheriff with my brand new license, I noticed a guy in a gray Cavalier gesticulating angrily as he drove. I pulled in behind him. He started passing people on a 2 lane town street. He wound up passing a gold Dodge Stratus with a temporary tag, then forcing her off the road. I pulled in behind to see what was going on. He was wearing a Carhart-type jacket, brown hair and scraggly facial hair. He got out of his car, and yelled at her through the window for a bit. Apparently she rolled her window down a crack. He stuck his arm in, opened the door and got in as the car took off down the street. After a half block or so, the Stratus pulled over, he got out, and ran back to the Cavalier, waving keys at me. She took off. By this time I was talking to the 911 operator, and gave his license number as he passed me again. He took off and started passing people again.

I saw the gold Stratus about 3 or 4 blocks up the road, with the asshole from the Cavalier walking around the corner. I pulled in behind to watch and continue reporting to 911, he yelled for a bit, then looked at me and ran back around the corner. After a few seconds she drove down the same street he ran down. I followed when traffic let me, got a glimpse of them a couple blocks up the road, and lost sight of both of them when they turned, did not see them again.

I'm glad it worked out without having to get more directly involved, especially that soon after getting my license renewed.

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