Friday, March 12, 2010

Nonresident carry licenses

My Ohio carry license allows me to carry in most states that require training. Ohio won't recognize a license that does not require training, and most states won't recognize licenses from states that won't recognize theirs. This means that my Ohio license is not recognized in Pennsylvania or much of the South.

I currently have a New Hampshire non-resident license that is about to expire that covers most of the states that don't require training. New Hampshire raised their fee to $100, and I don't have that much need.

Pennsylvania's nonresident license is still $26, and simple to get if you already have a license from your state--Mail copies of carry license, driver's license, the application and a check. It covers most of the same states as New Hampshire, In my case, I mailed it out last Friday, and found it waiting for me today--not quite 7 full days later.

The coverage isn't identical. I lose Mississippi, Alabama and New Hampshire (NH recognizes PA licenses, but does not recognize non-resident licenses) but gain Texas.

Pennsylvania has mandated a new process that will require all licenses be done in person, starting next year, so I'll probably have to get yet another state when this one expires in 5 years.

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