Saturday, May 08, 2010

Yet another holster

This one is a candidate to replace my Minotaur for my 3" XD, the gun I carry the most.  (I heartily recommend the Minotaur--works well, reasonably priced, versatile, and quick shipping)  The clips are metal from Tandy Leather, if I keep this for myself I will likely replace them with kydex.  I used Chicago screws, in part because these clips only have one position so adjustment has to be based  on multiple positions on the holster.

I took asymmetrical molding to an extreme--Almost no molding on the back, just a touch around the slide lock, take-down levers and trigger guard.  I'd thought I had gone a bit deeper on the trigger guard,  but it still has excellent retention without being hard to draw.  The reinforced mouth is meant to be above the belt in my usual carry position so it doesn't add bulk, while still allowing easy one-handed re-holstering.  The the design makes it possible to comfortably carry  quite high, although I might modify the design to lower the top of the pocket for a dedicated high ride, especially for a longer barreled gun.  I'll reserve final judgement until I can wear it for a day or so--I wore it a bit before I dyed it, but I couldn't wear it today because the dye takes a day or so before it quits rubbing off on clothing.   I'll wear a gray shirt just in case...

If I wind up wearing this adjusted to sit high, I'll probably do another version with a lower mouth.


  1. Anonymous6:27 PM

    I have the same basic idea with my latest design that I'll be starting shortly. I am going to use a horse hide leather back and kydex front. Never worked with kydex before so it should be interesting. Not sure about the clips. May go with straps but I love the reverse J clips Highnoon Holsters use. Not concerned about it being tuckable.

    Once I figure out how to post with a valid account I'll start doing that.


  2. I'm not particularly happy with the Tandy Leather clips, but haven't found anything better at friendly price. My main complaint is that the 'ramp' area below the belt sticks out too far, and rubs badly on chairs and such.

    I've used Comp-Tac clips in the past--they work well, but are only reasonably durable, lasting a couple years before cracking. I'm experimenting with making my own kydex clips, haven't done a whole lot with it yet.