Monday, June 14, 2010

One thing leads to another

It's finally time to put the air conditioners in. Somehow being married caused this to lead to the cleaning of uninvolved windows. We have modern tip-in windows, but there's a shelf to hold my watch display that makes it hard to get to one of them--it was easier to completely remove the window sashes.

Since the window was out, it seemed like a good time to get rid of the branches on the porch roof below the window....and while I was there, clean the stain on the siding in that corner. While doing that I noticed the sticks in the gutter above. I could reach them by standing on the windowsill, but I wasn't balanced well enough to remove them without falling off the roof.   I got the folding ladder/scaffolding and set it up half inside, half on the roof.

Turns out that the sticks in the gutter above were growing and had roots, and the gutter was quite full of leaves and muck. After emptying the gutter, I found I had splashed the siding with muck, and there was leaf muck all over the porch roof.  Off to retrieve the hose, and some rope.  Tossed the rope down and used it to raise the hose up--only to find that the nozzle on that hose was leaky,and sprayed more water out the sides than the front.

Finally got the muck rinsed off the siding and the roof.  Went to put the window back in, and discovered that while it will come out easily with the shelf in place, getting it back in was harder.  I wound up having to take the shelf down anyhow.


  1. Home ownership is a real joy

  2. Anonymous9:43 PM

    *sigh* You really are not encouraging us new homeowners...