Sunday, March 27, 2011


I replaced the stock stereo in my Beetle with a new low-end JVC that can play CD's, MP3's recorded on a CD, and MP3's on a USB drive.    I don't plan to use the USB drive for anything else, so I wanted it as small as I could easily get.    I could at least remove the folding cap, and figured I'd open the plastic up to see how much more length could be safely removed--If nothing else, remove the shell and use heat shrink tubing to cover the circuit board.

The shrink tubing turned out to be unnecessary.  The little metal bit in the lower right corner is the entire drive, the rest is just a handle.

The first replacement hard drive I ever bought was a massive 1.6 Gigabytes.  at least 10 times more expensive, and 100 times bigger.  Doesn't seem that long ago...

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