Thursday, July 21, 2011

Canton, Ohio policeman flips out about concealed carry license

Warning, video has foul language. 

Canton, Ohio police see a car stopped, pull behind it to investigate.   Cops yell at 2 of the people involved for about 6 minutes, completely ignoring the driver--but searching inside the car.  After 6 minutes, they get to the driver.  First thing the driver says is "I've got a carry..." and the cop interrupts, demands the truth.  Driver explains, tries to offer his carry license.  Finally the cop realizes what the driver is saying, and flips.  

Ohio law says that a concealed carry license holder stopped by a law enforcement officer for a law enforcement purpose while carrying a gun must promptly notify the officer.   It also says you must obey all lawful orders.   The driver wasn't perfect, but you shouldn't be expected to shout at or interrupt an angry police officer to stay within the law.  According to Ohioans for Concealed Carry, the prosecutor has offered to drop all charges in exchange for a promise not to sue.  

In my limited experience with law enforcement, I've never had to deal with an officer like this, and never had a problem with notifying--the worst reaction I got was a local cop who once I notified would not let me get my own wallet out of my back pocket.   However, I will notify even if I have to talk over an officer. 

As far as I am concerned, the cop in the video demonstrated his unsuitability not just in his dealings with the  license holder, but also with the others--'If I find you one more time tonight, I'm going to put lumps on you'.   


  1. Anonymous5:31 PM

    It is clear the officer was more made at himself than anyone. He needs addtional training as he was the one that endagered the other officer by not listening to the subject. Listening is one of the basic officer saftey rules- then he was so into his mistake that he did not know the permit was right there in the subjects hand. This is a future officer training film on what not to do and how not to act...

  2. Anonymous1:44 AM

    First off this jack-ass Canton police officer, should have been doing his job, before he even got out of his vehicle, if had ran the Ohio plates on the vehicle, it would have come back that this vehicle owner has a Carry Concealed Permit, he would've also known he had never been arrested before, so that was his first mistake, so in reality he wasn't doing his job correctly from the moment he hit hit his lights acknowledging he was going to approach them.... My Carry To Conceal is connected to my automobile License plates, as is all Ohio drivers with Concealed to Carry Permits, so long story short, if he had run his tags before stepping out of his cruiser, or called in, none of this would've happened, but considering that your dealing with an mentally unbalanced officer I believe he was intent on this evening of making peoples lives hell... Brian, Columbus,Ohio....