Sunday, January 27, 2008

House Pictures

The kitchen is mostly done, just some trim, and we may add shelves above the table.

The way the old window was, it would have been a little difficult to do drywall flush underneath--I was lazy and used a leftover piece of tileboard from the bathroom. Before we changed the window, the counter stopped about the same place the upper cabinets did--Just enough room for a dishwasher and sink, without the drawers. Eventaully I plan to redo the cabinet doors to match the drawers, but decoration isn't a priority until I get the downstairs ready to rent.

The back door originally had a window. I took the plywood out and made it a window again. That door leads to a screened in porch, but with no actual exit. I plan to build a deck and stairs this spring, and eventually enclose the porch and make a breakfast nook.

Finally, I'm getting my watch repair area set up again. My old bench didn't fit upstairs, so I decided to do shelves. I found some track lights on clearance:

Now to unpack all my watch tools...

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