Saturday, January 19, 2008

Ubuntu Update Manager

I use Ubuntu Linux on my laptop, rather than Windows. Overall I like it better than Windows, and it suits my frugal nature. Generally works well, with few gripes--At the moment, the biggest is Update Manager, a very un-Linux like program. It does the job well enough, but it has some significant user interface flaws that are unusual in a modern version of Linux.

It is slow. When it tells you there is an update available and you click to install it, there is a pause. Then you look at the list, confirm that you want to install those updates. Pause. It asks for your password. Pause. If you start doing something else, it will pop a few windows up as it installs stuff, then finally it will tell you it is done.

How I would like it to work:

The notification icon should have different colors--Red for critical security updates, yellow for enhancements, green for up to date, and maybe blue for can't connect to the update server. You should have the option to re-set the icons for the updates it has found, but still have it check for new ones. You should have the option to download the updates in the background, but not install until you approve of them. Finally, once you enter your password, the program should leave you alone until it is finished, and then just the program icon should blink. You should also be able to enter the password, but defer installation until a selected time later

Update Manager just installed an update of itself...So we'll see how much has changed

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