Saturday, April 19, 2008

Loooovely day.

We went to a community garage sale today. Lots of sales, but I didn't find a single thing to buy. After that, we went to the friends of the library sale--They had about as many books as we do...We wound up with about 10 books, a record low, and an order of magnitude less than usual.

When we came home, I heard water running in the basement. The washer had been filling for 5+ hours...Not only that, but the floor drain was clogged. There was about 3 inches of water in about half the basement.

It could have been a lot worse--Very little is stored on the basement floor itself--there was one box of Xmas lights and ornaments that got wet. I found the problem with the washer--The hose that controls the water level had popped free, so I put it back and added a cable tie to try to hold it a little better.


  1. Cable ties are ok for a temporary fix but I really recommend that you go get a hose clamp probably best to go with a "wormdrive" or as I call them Screw hose clamp. the cable tie wont get you as tight of fit this is just for reference I am not selling or endorsing this company.

  2. I don't know if I've seen wormdrive clamps that small--This is basically aquarium tubing, and there is no actual pressure, it is just the water level sensor. It came off when the washer came unbalanced and walked across the floor.

    If there were any pressure, or a slightly larger diameter, I'd agree that a wire tie isn't the best option.