Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Helpful security

I am supposed to* have a property pass to take my laptop out of the building at work. Security handles these during certain specific hours. I went the other day to check the hours, then came back at the appropriate time.

"Can I get a property pass made?"


"I can never get a pass, you don't do that anymore or something?"

"No, I'm a part-time supervisor, I don't have access to the badge machine"

"So there are no options to come back later, when there is someone who can make badges?"

"Um...You can come back at 10, to see if the third shift supervisor can make badges"

"I'm not in a particular hurry, can I do it tomorrow on this shift?"

"No, I'll be working tomorrow"

"When will the next time someone who can make badges be on this shift"

"Day after tomorrow".

Geez. Is there something preventing you from volunteering any useful information?

*I say supposed to because security rarely checks packages, and when they do, it is totally ineffective. If you carry your lunchbox out, they will make you open your lunchbox. If you carry a duffel bag with a lunchbox inside, they will make you open the duffel bag, but won't check the lunchbox. My backpack has a silly number of zippers and pockets. I can open the front pocket for them to look, they won't check the main pocket.


  1. See... its things like this that make me so very happy that my life has worked out in such a way as I can avoid working in corporate America (frankly, I think corporate America is pretty happy about the situation as well).

    Thanks for the giggle and the life-choice affirmation (as well as the comment on my own blog.).

    I'll be dropping a link to your page over on my own - I'll pull it down if requested. Hope you swing on by again. Sometime in the next few weeks I'll begin to mention that in addition to being a bit of a eco-nut... well. Getting the last bit handled on the CCW and then its on to getting my instructors certs. Should be interesting to see how THAT goes over in a predominatly "green" blog.

  2. Thanks for reminding me--I read this and went "Oh, Crap, it's time to get my pass..."

    I found your blog via Lawdog, when you used your cane to deal with a social misfit. There shouldn't be a conflict, but I know real views are different.