Thursday, April 03, 2008

PDA Alarms

I've relied heavily on a PDA for probably 10 years, starting with a Palm Pro. About a year ago, I upgraded from a battered Sony Clie to a Palm TX. In most ways, the TX is better than the Clie, but there was one minor difference with surprising impact-The Clie had a custom alarm sound that went on and on--Long enough that I'd be forced to open it and look at it to shut it off. This kept me from mistaking one of my daily alarms with something else "I can ignore that, it's just my 'go to work' alarm".

This is one of those things I meant to Google, but only remember when I'm in the car. I finally downloaded Emerald Sounds. I now have 140 alarm tones to pick, and some of them are quite long and annoying-Just what I wanted.

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