Thursday, February 11, 2010

Restaurant carry

There is a new bill going through the Ohio legislature that would allow those of us with concealed carry licenses to carry guns in restaurants that serve alcohol, as long as we do not drink.    Currently it is a felony to go armed where there is a liquor license and liquor is being served.  It is uncertain if beer counts as liquor.  There is no requirement that you know that they serve.   Most states have some provision for restaurant carry.

One of the people giving testimony in favor of allowing sober license holders to carry where other people might be drinking is a Tennessee woman whose husband was killed by her stalker.  At the time her gun was locked in her car because of a similar restriction.

A recent idiot not far from here, with a carry license not only carried his gun into a bar while drinking, not only managed to negligently discharge his gun IN the bar, but he shot his own girlfriend.  Luckily the gun was only a .32 caliber, and it hit the girlfriend's Blackberry.  The Blackberry was damaged, but the girlfriend only had a minor bruise.

I'm sure that the anti-gun people will use this to justify continuing the current ban.  However, even under the proposed law this idiocy would be illegal--He was drinking, which I am near certain was a significant contributing factor.   His story of the incident (somehow his sleeve set the gun off) isn't at all plausible.

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