Saturday, April 03, 2010

Second holster

Although I didn't take pictures, I did finish the holster in the last post:
(click to enlarge) I'm reasonably happy with the result. The boning around the barrel could be better, and the dye is somewhat uneven. Plus there's the issue of the missing sweat shield. It carries nicely, though, much better than the first one I did.


  1. Damn, dude - you make it seem impossibly complicated and difficult in the previous post, and then seeing this, I want to give it a shot myself.

    Seems to me you might be able to make a penny or two at that hobby, once you get a little practice at it...

  2. I'm surprised at how well this has turned out, especially without a pattern. The initial layout is the hardest part, cutting and assembling is time-consuming but not particularly difficult. Sewing and boning can be done while watching TV or lurking on GBC.

    I'm thinking about 2 hours or so of work, not counting layout, but including molding, boning and dyeing, which I plan to cover later.