Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fulton Farms

A bunch of in-laws and family went to Fulton Farms to pick pumpkins. Really a pretty good deal, especially if you have kids. There's animals, a corn maze, hay bale maze, and a pile of hay bales with 2 slides and an area of loose hay to jump in.  The wagons take you on a 10 minute or so ride out to the pumpkin patch, you get to pick a pumpkin, all for a bit less than Home Depot was charging for similar pumpkins (Assuming you aren't two and pick a tiny little green pumpkin, like my grandson did).   A wristband is good all day, although only one pumpkin per band is allowed.   Grandson really didn't want to leave the pile of hay bales.

The Cafe had something I see in many family-owned businesses that turns me off--a bunch of crabby notes to the staff, reminding them to follow various rules.  No discounts without the approval of Mrs. Fulton.  The handbook specifically says no text messages while working.  Field Hands use the back bathroom.   If you run a retail business, and must complain to your staff via notes,  make a strong effort to do it where the customers don't have to see it.   The pumpkin soft-serve was good, though.

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