Saturday, October 16, 2010

XKCD gets it right again.

This has got to be a dream of almost all computer geeks.  I'm almost always frustrated when I call tech support--calling them is a last resort, I've already rebooted everything, checked connectivity, made sure it was plugged in.   I understand that probably 95% of their customers are clueless, but you would think they could do some triage based on the problem report--if it is "The internet is broke" there's one script, but "I seem to be having a DNS problem--I can access sites if I know the IP address, but I can't connect by URL" gets a higher level of support automatically.  

And if you are at all technical, XKCD is a great comic.  


  1. That totally reminds me of the ongoing battle I've been having with AT&T's tech support for the crappy DSL connection they gave me. They've been out at least 3 times and can't get it fixed.

  2. My annoyed calls to tech support dropped by half when I quit using newsgroups. I had several cases where it turned out that a condescending tech had to be taught how to post to a newsgroup, or didn't understand that the server he was connecting to in New York wasn't the same one I was having problems with in Ohio. (In the New York case, he didn't even have access to the Ohio server...)

    When I had AT&T dial up internet, they were fine--but I didn't have them long, and I was only relying on them for connectivity, not mail or anything else.