Thursday, June 30, 2011

CCW holder attacked

Earlier this month, an Ohio carry license holder was attacked at a gas station about 25 miles from me, with one primary attacker and the attacker's friend running in to help.  Based on the victim's account, backed up by surveillance video, the attacker greeted the victim by someone else's name, demanded a ride and tried to pull him out of the car when the victim tried to leave.  Victim had left his gun in the center console, managed to retrieve it and fired two shots, then left and dialed 911.   Last I saw, the attacker was in the hospital expected to recover.  

Both the victim and the attacker's friend have posted about the incident, the victim posting on the Ohioans for Concealed Carry forums, the accomplice on Facebook.  The accomplice's version doesn't quite match up with either the victim or the surveillance video--and his speed in running away doesn't match up with his tough-guy front, either.

An example of the accomplice's facebook:

'It was just crazy though, cus Brandon was beatin dude's ass & his pussy ass pulled a gun a shot em..  It was nuts I swear, I don't 4 get a face though, he knows what it is" 

(H/T and link to gunguynextdoor, who has a friend saving screenshots even after the Facebook went private)

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  1. Okay. So, by this thug's logic, I'm supposed to take a beatin' and the theft of my property without self defense of any kind otherwise I'm not a man (I refuse to use his term). I don't think so. Or is he trying to say that it was "just a beatin'" and therefore you should only defend yourself using your hands? Again, I don't think so. This clown and his buddy had a victim selection fail, and now they want to cry about it. They are lucky to still be drawing enough air to cry about it.