Monday, June 06, 2011

Odd evening

We had a Catholic church festival this weekend, complete with loud music and a beer truck.  I rarely park in our driveway, but during festival weekend it is usually the only option within a couple blocks.

Last night near the end of the festival I was working in my garage, and heard the neighbor across the alley talking to police.  I went to be nosy investigate, found that some unknown person had parked across the neighbor's garage door.  Caprice station wagon with actual expensive wire wheels (not just wire hubcaps) with a window down and a Blackberry and what looked like an iPod tOuch plugged in to the lighter socket.  

It took some time to get the police and a tow truck--but more than 2 hours after the festival closed, the owner had not come to claim his car.  2 of the 3 Stooges finally showed up with a tilting bed winch truck, but had problems because it was rear drive and the front wheels were cocked--it kept wanting to veer off the bed of the truck, they would reset the winch and pull it sideways, then up the truck another couple feet.   You can see the marks where the tires were dragged along the pavement-the car was parked parallel to the garage door, blocking the entire door.  Whoever parked there had to have pulled past, then backed in, so this wasn't just accidentally blocking a driveway.

I'm really curious what was going on here--A very odd place to park even considering the circumstances,  odd that hours after the end of the festival the driver still had not claimed his car.  Odd that a decent cellphone and ipod were left in plain sight, with an open window.  Apparently the owner didn't have a license.

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