Monday, June 06, 2011

Harley parts on a Honda

This isn't a fancy Photoshop trick, it is a view through  one of the old mufflers from my motorcycle. (click to enlarge).  I wans't particularly happy with the mufflers that came with the bike, because as you might guess they were rather loud.  According to the Honda CX forum, most Harley mufflers would fit my CX, although modification of brackets may be necessary.  Apparently some Dyna mufflers fit with no modifications.   Most Harleys don't come from the factory all that loud, but because many Harley riders believe that Loud Pipes Save Lives, there are lots of new and nearly new Harley mufflers available cheap.

Yesterday I found a pair at a garage sale for $10.  They were from a Fat Boy rather than a Dyna, but getting the brackets to work wasn't all that bad.  A huge reduction in sound, and a lot more pleasant to ride.  No significant change in power.    

I also fixed my trip odometer--the middle digit wasn't resetting properly, and there was a screw loose inside the spedometer.  Getting the odometer working was fairly easy--the difficulties were in getting to it, and then getting the oil out from the places it shouldn't have been.  If I ever do that again, I'll wrap the rest of the speedometer assembly in towels or something, to minimize oil getting where it shouldn't be. 

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