Monday, August 11, 2008

Bella made the paper again

Third time our dog Bella has made the paper:

Piqua Daily Call, second picture for the original


  1. I like your dog's choice in sticks. Looks like something my Shepherd would do!

    When I was a kid the lady next door had a bike like that only hers had a motor. I loved that thing.

  2. That's a medium stick for her--If I throw one that is too small, she will just give me a dirty look and wait for me to find a real one. Sometimes she will wait to hear how big the splash is before she will go after it.

    My wife wants a motor on her trike to deal with a couple of hills. I'm trying to talk her into gears instead.

    Personally, I hate riding trikes--Steering isn't the same as a bike, and the rear brakes pull to one side. That caused a minor collision the first time I rode one, at work. Nothing injured but my dignity...

  3. Anonymous12:36 AM

    How cool! My Dog will pick up "sticks" (branches) too and carry them like it's totally normal (and perhaps it is!) ;-)

  4. Sheena's the same way, turns her nose up at small sticks. One time she literally dragged an entire uprooted tree for a few miles.

  5. Anonymous12:44 PM

    Why not design a hybrid trike? A battery, a generator, and an electric motor, and the motor would click in (or be clicked in) when the going got tough?

  6. I'm thinking of electrifying the trike, but cost and a desire to get the downstairs apartment in rentable condition is delaying. You need a pretty hefty (and therefore expensive) motor to last and do any good, plus batteries, plus a controller. It appears to be about a $300 project minimum. It is likely I can do gears with junk I've got lying around.