Thursday, April 23, 2009

More on the borrowed dog

We took Myra on a walk with our dogs yesterday, while riding our bike and trike. Myra isn't used to running beside bikes, so eventually we figured to put her in the rear basket of the trike until we got to the river where they can run free. Afterwards, we stopped by MIL's house.

Myra used to ride in a bicycle trailer with her last owner's daughter, so the basket wasn't anything astoundingly new. In fact she kept trying to climb back into the basket when we would let her out.

Myra was frantically overjoyed to see MIL, and MIL decided to try keeping her again. We worked on calming her when the BIL she doesn't like was around, and somewhat succeeded.

Unfortunately this morning when she was out with MIL, a bike and trailer similar to the one she used to ride in went past...and Myra followed. She is still missing.

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