Tuesday, May 26, 2009

One Toke Over the Line, Lawrence Welk Edition

(H/T to Mark Evanier)


  1. That's a riot. Welk called it a "modern spiritual," which I guess is what it is.

    I grew up with that show. Thanks for the memories.

  2. Thanks for the vid..that brings back memories.

    I found this:

    "This song is about drugs, especially marijuana. A "Toke" is a puff from a marijuana cigarette or pipe. Tom Shipley explained: "When we wrote 'One Toke Over the Line,' I think we were one toke over the line. I considered marijuana a sort of a sacrament... If you listen to the lyrics of that song, 'one toke' was just a metaphor. It's a song about excess. Too much of anything will probably kill you."

    Mike Brewer and Tom Shipley were Folk singers in Los Angeles. This was their only hit."