Sunday, May 10, 2009

We used to take our dogs to the river in the back of our truck. We sold the truck last fall, after I had most of the major remodeling done.

Angie hasn't quite figured out the difference between a car and a truck. I didn't tell her to get in, I just opened the trunk to put some stuff in as we were getting ready to take them for a ride.


  1. My daughter gave me that a couple cars ago. It's handy to help find it in a parking lot, since a white Cavalier isn't an especially rare car. I suppose I should put an NRA sticker on for balance...

    It is a lot better than the window sticker that came with the stock, 4-banger automatic Cavalier--

    "Badass Girls drive Badass Toys".

    That came off the same hour I brought it home.