Saturday, July 03, 2010

Celebrating the 2nd of July

We went with my parents to see Red White and Boom in Columbus--their fireworks display on the 2nd.  (If you want good fireworks, see the displays in July that are not on the fourth)  Unfortunately, I forgot both my tripod and a memory card for my camera, so I was only able to take 6 pictures...
These were the most impressive and most sky-filing fireworks I have seen.  We were sitting downwind, and getting sprinkled with the cardboard flakes from the fireworks.   The picture I am most disapointed in missing was the condo high rise behind us--we were at a perfect position to get the reflection of fireworks in the glass of the condo. 

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  1. Anonymous11:16 PM

    hey, you took a nice Fourth of July picture anyway without a tripod