Thursday, July 29, 2010


An address is supposed to make it so people can find you.  When you get your driveway named as a street you need to realize that "One Acme Widgets Place" might make it easy to send mail to Acme Widgets, but is going to be minimally useful to someone who needs to visit in person.   This also applies to extremely short public streets--but these are at least slightly more likely to show up on a map or GPS. 

A few days ago, Wife had an appointment in Dayton at one of these addresses.  Google had the address, my GPS did not.  Unfortunately a printout of Google Directions is not able to re-route around construction, and I didn't think to figure out a nearby address to put in the GPS before she left.   

If you must have a vanity address, at least leave a clue--"1 Acme Widgets Place, off the 6000 block of Coyote Ave"

I am willing to make an exception for 4 of the schools in my hometown, but only because the alternative for them would be an address on Loony Road

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  1. Sevesteenskid3:25 AM

    Dad. There's a reason why they're on Loony road. It was done on purpose.