Saturday, July 17, 2010

Rick K and the Allnighters

Rick K and the Allnighters have recently become the subject of this viral video, based on the antics of their "Drummer at the Wrong Gig", Steve Moore:

Apparently the video was taken at an amusement park in Pennsylvania a few years ago, and basically ignored until sometime in June, when it went from a few thousand views to millions.

Even better is their version of Wipeout:

We went to Cool Creek Park in Carmel Indiana to see The Allnighters Friday night. That concert was just as over the top, and just as fun. They did two sets, changing outfits between--although the change was basically from blue sequined jackets to white sequined jackets...Lots of audience participation.  Click to embiggen.

I took video.  Warning--the sound is loud, and I didn't have a tripod. 

There were a couple of vendor booths, and the park department was giving out these doggie poop bag holders:

In a couple of places, I've seen comments expressing sympathy for Steve Moore for having to play in a cover band. How many people would like to play music for a living? How many get to quit their day job without a girlfriend to support them? I'm guessing that a band like this with a heavy tour schedule is more successful than 98% of "professional" musicians.

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